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Beth and Remi Deupree: Mother and Daughter Work Together to Carry on Tradition of Compassion

Mother and Daughter Share The Same Passion For Caring

To our employees, we recognize the five generations working for us and will create a sense of belonging for all. Your dedicated service to our residents is celebrated each day, both formally and informally. We are committed to a fair and equitable working environment. Your work/life balance will be respected, so you can continue to build new traditions with your family and the people most important to you.

As part of “Our Commitment,” we wanted to share an amazing story of an amazing mother and daughter working together at Traditions of Lebanon

Traditions of Lebanon is located just outside of historic Lebanon, Ohio. The historic charm of this quaint small town is reflected in the feeling of home in our modern community. An important part of the “hometown” feel at Traditions of Lebanon is our world-class staff. Among that staff is mother/daughter duo Beth and Remi Deupree. “Lebanon is a big, small town in that it is a big town with a small-town feel,” Beth commented. “Families have lived in Lebanon for generations and welcome new people with open arms. I’ve seen this firsthand with residents who have moved here from out of town. Other residents will invite them to church, to go shopping, and give tips on places to go. Traditions of Lebanon has also become an extension of everyone’s family. We care for our residents daily, but our residents also care for and look out for us, the employees.” 

Beth Deupree has worked in senior living for over 30 years. She began her career at just 15, working in the gift shop of a continuing care retirement community. Beth’s mother was the Administrator at a retirement community, and at 16, she began working in their dining room as a server. “That job taught me so much about responsibility, being proud of doing a good job, and connecting with people,” Beth recalled. “My mother passed the torch of caring for others and showing compassion for everyone on to me.” 

Those formative experiences ignited a lifelong passion for senior care. Beth has worked as an Executive Director for the last 23 years. Traditions of Lebanon has been fortunate to have her on staff for two and a half years. “Traditions has a great reputation for being a good company to work for,” Beth said. “So, when I saw they were looking for an Executive Director for their Lebanon community, I jumped at the opportunity.” Beth started her career with Traditions while Traditions of Lebanon was still under construction. “It’s been amazing to watch it go from construction to full of residents and activity since opening.” 

As Executive Director, Beth is focused on creating a culture of service at Traditions of Lebanon. During a typical day, Beth makes sure to have meaningful interactions with the residents and their families while taking care to provide intentional leadership to her amazing staff. That staff includes her daughter Remi, continuing a tradition that began when Beth worked with her mother. “My mother taught me all about caring and compassion,” Beth said. “I now get the opportunity to pass this on to my daughter, Remi. 

Remi has worked at Traditions of Lebanon for almost a year. Traditions is her first job, and she has worked in several positions, including server and weekend receptionist. Remi was drawn to the position after growing up seeing the passion her mom has for her work and career. “I love getting to see my mom from a different perspective,” Remi said. “She inspires me always to have the residents’ needs first and to have a job that makes such a positive impact later in life.” 

Working together, Beth and Remi are making memories and creating traditions at home and at work while making a difference in the lives of the residents and their families. A near catastrophe last Easter turned into an opportunity for teamwork and created a special memory for the Deuprees and the residents at Traditions of Lebanon. “The associate who was supposed to play the Easter Bunny for our family night had to back out,” Beth recalled. “Remi jumped in and hopped around the community as the Easter Bunny, visiting with the residents and the families. As I guided her through the dining room and community to visit with everyone, it was a proud mom moment to see how good she was at interacting with the young kids, but also in engaging with the residents.” Remi recalls the situation fondly as well. “It was so hot in that suit, but totally worth it,” Remi laughed. “I hopped around the community, met with the residents and all the families and little kids visiting. I passed out candy from my basket.  It was so much fun seeing how excited the kids would get when I would come to visit.  That would make the residents smile and laugh. I liked being able to do that.” 

Interactions like this are the norm at Traditions of Lebanon. The entire staff is focused on creating an atmosphere where every resident feels special and welcome. “We really get to know the residents and come to care for them like they are family,” Beth said. “We get to know their families, and they get to know our families. This isn’t just a place for people to live; this is a place for people to continue their lives with meaning. Having Remi here with me to see this and the positive impact that we can make on so many residents’ lives is heartwarming.” 

Remi loves the focus on commitment and tradition. “I get to celebrate holidays with the residents, talk with them about their traditions, and be a part of their lives,” Remi said. It’s always fun to see grandchildren and great-grandchildren who come and visit. The residents’ faces light up. We have a basket of toys and coloring books at the front desk to give to kids when they visit.  It’s fun to see them pick out something, show it to their families, and see how the residents and kids play with it together.” 

When asked if working with her mom was difficult, Remi quickly pushed back on the idea that working with a relative was tough. “It’s actually really nice working with my mom,” she said. ”She’s even more of a mentor to me in life and now at work. I appreciate seeing the positive things she does for the residents and the employees. Everyone really likes working for her and respects her. I get to see her in that way also. I love my mom.” 

Beth is proud of her daughter and excited to continue a tradition of working together in senior living. “My mom would be so proud that the culture of caring and serving is continuing with Remi.”